#008 - How to Align and Manifest Wealth with Jenn Acosta

Oct 20, 2021
Jackie Senatore
#008 - How to Align and Manifest Wealth with Jenn Acosta

Do you want to learn from Law of Manifestation Coach Jenn Acosta on How to Manifest Wealth? Jenn talks about how to get in alignment and manifest in all areas of life. She also talks about how to get specific and uncover your money blueprint. Join Jackie and Jenn on this episode if you're interested in learning how to manifest what you desire. 

Jennifer Acosta is a certified Life and Law of Manifestation Coach. For almost 15 years she has coached people in up-leveling their energy, their resources, and their lives to finally live a life they love. Her background includes NLP, Ontology, Energy work, and Gestalt work. She’s trained with Tony Robbins, Donny Epstein, Bob Proctor, Marianne Williamson, and many more.

Extraordinary Living Shownotes for this episode:

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