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Start your week with an intention, I’ll help support you and keep you accountable each week! 

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What you'll receive right away when joining:


Weekly Meditation Healing Sessions

Guided healing meditation sessions - to heal your body, improve your relationships, and increase your business. Join LIVE on Zoom or watch the recordings at any time for your convenience. 
Each week a member will be chosen for the HOT seat opportunity to work with Jackie LIVE on the call to go deeper in their healing and creating journey. Something ONLY available to members to apply for!!

Q&A Bonus Sessions 

I'll be answering all your questions about energy work! What is energy healing, how to stay grounded, forgiveness, letting go of what no longer serves you, what to do when triggered, and how you can heal anything in your life. Creating you to have the space to call in what it is you truly want. 

Quarterly Events

Members can participate in our quarterly LIVE group events, where you get to work with Jackie in a deep way. Something that has only available to premier members of CLEAR. Calls are held on the months that have a 5th Monday.   

Meditation Mondays Membership

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You'll receive direct healing guidance and support from me.


The Meditation Mondays Membership is a community of like-minded members who are all dedicated to becoming the best versions of themselves - invested in their health - relationships - business and living a truly extraordinary life. 

As a member, you will receive weekly LIVE Meditation healing sessions every Monday. I’ll help you heal your body, shift your perceptions, create amazing relationships, achieve more success, and call in a life that you truly love.


Each month we'll work on:


We are a community dedicated to increasing our awareness, creating deeper relationships, and living more purposeful lives.


"My practice just took off. It was doing ok, but it's just exploded these last few months learning these tools, and it's with way less effort. I highly recommend learning this work. - Brenda S


"The process literally freed me from what I was wrestling with. I was able to forgive people that needed to be forgiven, and I was able to get clear thoughts, cleansed emotions, and really come back to myself again." - Aharon G.



I truly can't think of life without having these tools you've taught me. It's just made my life so much better already. - Rebecca O.

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What you'll receive during your membership: 


Each week, Jackie with guide you through LIVE sessions, where you'll learn tips, tools, and techniques to heal and create an amazing life.


Every month that has 5 Monday's, there will be a LIVE Group Healing Session where you'll get the chance to work with Jackie one-on-one.

Your Questions Answered! 

Members can write in and ask questions - Jackie will answer questions and post bonus questions and topics each week. Learn all about how to achieve your goals.

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Join our thriving community of like-minded people dedicated to healing their lives, so they can create a life that is better than they can imagine!  


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Join me every LIVE every Monday for a NEW Meditation Session!

The Meditation Mondays Membership is a community of like-minded members who value living an extraordinary life. Healing what they have, and using it as fuel for what they can create. 

As a member, you will receive a link each week to join me LIVE for a Monday Meditation Healing Session. Can't make it LIVE, you will have access to a replay of the weekly Meditation sessions. You will learn how to heal what you currently have, see how the challenges are serving you and guiding you to everything you're asking for. Each LIVE session will include one Hot Seat opportunity to members to work one-on-one with Jackie if they choose to apply. 

On the fourth Monday of each month, you will receive a session on what best serves the community. Everyone has the opportunity to write in to [email protected] and share the area of their life they'd like to work on most. We will pick one and create a specialized session on that topic. On the months that have 5 Monday's, there will be a LIVE event via Zoom, where I will work with participants using these unique tools to better help them heal and create. 

We are a community dedicated to living a purposeful, and extraordinary life. You are welcomed and invited to join us!

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