#16 How To Ground Yourself Through Any Uncertainty Life Throws Your Way with Meditation Expert John Holden

Episode #16

In today's episode, expert John Holden is going to give you some very unique, simple yet powerful tools on how to process fear and how to ground yourself through any uncertainty that life throws your way. You're also going to learn easy meditation tools that will help you process any physical or emotional pain that may be keeping you stuck. So if you're experiencing any health challenge or relationship change like a break-up or a divorce, or you want to get clear on what you want in life and how to achieve it, this episode is for you.

John Holden is one of the best at using active meditation for the purpose of healing and clearing. John is a physical therapist and meditation teacher who combines the physical, mental and spiritual components. He's an expert on how to process fear that may be the root cause of your physical pain, tension, anxiety, injury, or illness.

It's such a pleasure and honor to have him on the podcast. This episode is a little longer than usual because John has so much amazing wisdom to offer. He's helped so many people heal from all kinds of illnesses, physical and emotional pain. We talk about relationships, death, how to get answers from within yourself and not outside yourself, and more...

Please Enjoy!

Website: https://www.holdenhealing.com/
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