#014 - How To Live In Your True Feminine and Masculine Essence In Relationships, Business and Life with Dr. Stephanie Bridwell

Episode #14

Dr. Stephanie Bridwell is sharing all her wisdom on the Feminine & Masculine energies, in relationships, business, and daily life. Learn her Mantra of Pause, Breathe, Soften & Love as a way to pattern interrupt when feeling overwhelmed or constricted. Dr. Stephanie also shares about using past trauma to upgrade your nervous system.

Dr. Stephanie is a Transformational Chiropractor, Empowered Wellness Coach, and Champion for Woman’s Empowerment through their bodies. She leads Retreats internationally, hosts her Empowered Wellness Mastermind, and holds sacred containers for women. Her latest creation, RAVENOUS is a deep exploration and embodiment experience for women wanting to know their deepest truth.  For over two decades Dr. Bridwell has amassed experience and education that puts her on the cutting edge of health, transformation, and consciousness. Dr. Bridwell is the founder of Magnolia Wellness Center – a thriving nexxus for holistic health located in San Francisco and Marin County. Dr. Bridwell brings together a unique synergy of body mind soul disciplines to create the maximum impact on the lives she touches. She holds a doctorate degree in Chiropractic, a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and is certified in the KaliRay Yoga Method. Dr. Bridwell has also accomplished extensive post-graduate work with the developer of Network Spinal Analysis, Dr. Donald Epstein, earning the highest level of certification to practice this advanced Chiropractic approach

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