#009 - How to Create Your Own Path to Success with Award Winning Actor/Writer/Director Sonja O’Hara

Episode #9

What an amazing treat to have Award Winning Actor/Writer/Director Sonja O'Hara on the show. Sonja found a way to break into the entertainment field by thinking outside the box. She talks about how doing things the traditional way wasn't working for her and how being vulnerable in her writing became her ticket to success. This is an episode of how hard work, determination, being brave, and keeping the right people around you pays off.

It was a pleasure to learn how she manifested her goals, how she dealt with rejection and what it's like to be a female powerhouse director who's represented by one of the top agencies in the world -- William Morris Endeavor

This episode is not only for those who want success as an actor/writer/director but for anyone who is inspired to live their dream. 

Extraordinary Living Shownotes for this episode:

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Agency: http://www.wmeagency.com/

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