Extraordinary Living with Jackie Senatore

Extraordinary Living with Jackie Senatore

Hosted by: Jackie Senatore

The Extraordinary Living podcast is for people who want to learn tips and tricks for living a more fulfilling life. Jackie’s been a wellness coach for more than a decade. Her purpose in life is to help people reach...

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#014 - How To Live In Your True Feminine and Masculine Essence In Relationships, Business and Life with Dr. Stephanie Bridwell

Episode #14

Dr. Stephanie Bridwell is sharing all her wisdom on the Feminine & Masculine energies, in relationships, business, and daily life. Learn her Mantra of Pause, Breathe, Soften & Love as a way to pattern...
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#013 - How to Be Happy & Thrive After Divorce with Happy Home Life After Divorce Creator Erin Breeze

Episode #13

Are you someone who's recently been through a divorce? Maybe you're somewhere in the process and you're struggling with rediscovering who you are. Perhaps you’re experiencing fears, self-doubts, or you're just plain...
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#012 - How to Have Better Sleep, Better Health, Better Sex and Live a Vibrant Life with These Health Hacks Featuring Expert Freddie Kimmel

Episode #12

Excited to share with you these awesome health hacks from none other than health coach expert Freddie Kimmel. Freddie will share with you tips and tools on how to have better emotional balance, better sleep, the...
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#011 - Laurin Seiden on Using Meditation To Feel Clear and Supported In Any Circumstance

Episode #11

A jammed packed episode with tips and tools on how to use meditation, grounding, body scanning, and living by your values to combat stress. Laurin Seiden is a strategic, life-shifting coach and consultant. She’s the...
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#010 - Protect Yourself With This Natural BugAway Herbal Line - Founder Kim Tompkins of ThreeSistersHerbals

Episode #10

Kim Tompkins, founder of ThreeSistersHerbals ~ Real Products For A Healthier Life!This short 14-minute episode is to showcase one of my favorite natural bug away product lines. Giving you another option this summer on...
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#009 - How to Create Your Own Path to Success with Award Winning Actor/Writer/Director Sonja O’Hara

Episode #9

What an amazing treat to have Award Winning Actor/Writer/Director Sonja O'Hara on the show. Sonja found a way to break into the entertainment field by thinking outside the box. She talks about how doing things the...
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#008 - How to Align and Manifest Wealth with Jenn Acosta

Episode #8

Do you want to learn from Law of Manifestation Coach Jenn Acosta on How to Manifest Wealth? Jenn talks about how to get in alignment and manifest in all areas of life. She also talks about how to get specific and...
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#007 - The Truth About Lyme Disease & How to Protect Yourself with Jennifer Goldstock NP

Episode #7

An episode that can save your life and/or a loved one's life! Join Lyme Disease expert Jennifer Goldstock NP, as she shares the truth about Lyme Disease. Jen shares tips on how to protect yourself, how to protect your...
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#006 - Why Detoxing Your Body Can Save Your Health with John Jacobs

Episode #6

Do you experience fatigue, depression, low sex drive, anxiety, or challenges from a chronic illness? In today's episode join John Jacob's, author and expert in Detoxing the Body and Owner of Healthier Living 4...
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#005 - How to Unlock Your Intuition With Psychic Medium Lindsay Marino

Episode #5

Join Lindsay Marino, Psychic Medium as she talks about How to Unlock Your Intuition. Lindsay tells us how hard-ship and the loss of losing her boyfriend in a motorcycle accident lead her to unlock an ability to...
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#004 - How to Live Your Life By Design, Push Through Fear & Become Resilient with Chris Connell

Episode #4

In this episode, I talk to Actor/Producer/Fitness Model Chris Connell. Chris has been one of my go-to people for when I need to push through fear and accomplish goals. He's achieved financial freedom doing exactly...
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#003 - How To Survive Change You Didn’t Ask For, Particularly Divorce with MJ Ryan

Episode #3

Join me as I interview one of the creators of the New York Times best-selling Random Acts of Kindness series author MJ Ryan. MJ Ryan joins us in this awesome episode giving you tools and tips on How to Survive Change...
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