Extraordinary Living with Jackie Senatore

Extraordinary Living with Jackie Senatore

Hosted by: Jackie Senatore

The Extraordinary Living podcast is for people who want to learn tips and tricks for living a more fulfilling life. Jackie’s been a wellness coach for more than a decade. Her purpose in life is to help people reach...

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#002 - Why Understanding & Living By Your Values Can Save Your Health, Relationships and More with Jonathan Sugai

Episode #2

Join guest Jonathan Sugai as he shares with you what it means to live by your values. It's not in the traditional way you think about values either. In this episode, he'll share why it's important to know what your...
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#001 - Welcome to Extraordinary Living with Jackie Senatore

Episode #1

Welcome to the first episode of Extraordinary Living. In this episode, Jackie provides an overview of what this podcast is about. 
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