Manifesting All Your Desires Does Not Have to be Hard...

Jackie will help you unlock your inner wisdom, heal your pain and awaken to your infinite potential


You want it all but something is blocking you. 

To the outside world, you’re driven and look like you have it all together.  But you have a “challenge” in some area of your life that robs you of the confidence you need.  Deep down, you know you’re stuck, even though it might be a little hard to admit. 

Here’s the good news. Challenges will always be a part of life. What if I told you that your so-called “challenge” is really here to point you in the direction of personal healing and transformation?  This pain or “stuckness” is actually the perfect opportunity to release blocked energy and put you on the road to manifesting everything you desire.

When you tap into this innate wisdom within yourself, suddenly you give yourself permission to dream and achieve what your heart desires.  You heal the piece of you that’s holding you back while opening the door to a life and business that now feels almost effortless.  This is what happens when you are truly aligned with your authentic self.

And I am here to help you tap into all this magic.


My story really began when I was a child...

Though I didn’t understand it at the time, I was energetically sensitive.  To compensate for my anxiety, I developed OCD traits. It wasn’t until my early 20s, when I was an actress in LA experiencing crippling anxiety on sets, that I began to realize I had a problem. Medication was not the answer for me, but I had to understand why my body was freaking out.

This was the start of my own personal growth journey. I fell in love with all things related to holistic and energy healing: EFT, Reiki, Hypnosis, NLP, Life coaching certifications, Meditation and eventually Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code and Body Code.  Through my work with Dr. Nelson, I quickly realized I had a unique gift for reading people’s energy.

I'd be aware of people’s energy and my body was giving me the symptom of anxiety as feedback to what it was picking up around me. I’d been reading people's energy my whole life and when Dr. Brad hired me to be one of his four staff practitioners, I got the experience to work with dozens of people a day, from all over the world. 

I quickly became so in tune with where energy is stored in people's bodies and developed a keen awareness and skill to help people identify their blocks, tap into their fear and release the trauma that is keeping them stuck. You see, energy loves to move and once it’s released, magical wisdom appears and that untapped fuel and potential shows up.  The door is opened for your health challenge, relationship breakdown, or money blocks to heal.  

All your answers show up, manifestation kicks in and suddenly you are achieving everything you’ve always dreamed of.  This is the gift I am here to help you access.

"I was able to connect with myself in a way I've never experienced before."

"Thank you for introducing me to this healing practice. I was able to connected with myself in a way I've never experienced before. Jackie your gift to me is priceless. Thank you so much. I can't wait to go further with you on this journey."


"Jackie is intuitive and spot on! It's like she sees into your soul and gives you tools to use to make the biggest difference."

"My experience meditating with Jackie has been profound. I felt seen and heard by Jackie in the midst of others being in the class. This is what I yearned for and didn't even know it."


I'm an excellent video game player

I'm so glad my younger years of playing Mario Kart came in handy now that I'm living with 3 boys. My skills continue to impress and my kids love telling people I'm the best Mario Kart and Fortnite player (for a girl of course;) Anything to bond with the kiddos right? 

I still get royalties from the 50 Cent movie - Get rich or die tryin'

Before I got into personal development I was an actress living in Los Angeles/NYC acting in movies, tv shows and commercials. When I started to experience anxiety on sets, I sought out holistic ways of healing. My whole world changed and I never looked back. 

I'm a minimalist

I love having minimal stuff and creating space & calm around me. Stuff holds energy, and, as an energy healer, I see when people heal their baggage they start clearing their physical space. So try getting rid of stuff on the outside and you'll be amazed at how things change on the inside.


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