Hi, I’m Jackie. Energy Coach & Human Behavior Expert

For more than a decade I've immersed myself in all things personal development. Fifteen years ago, I was an actress living in Los Angeles experiencing horrible anxiety. It became so overwhelming I had to stop and figure out what was happening, why, and how to fix it. Anxiety lead me on a path far greater than anything I could have imagined. I met and worked with some of the worlds greatest healers and teachers in personal development. I became obsessed with human behavior and went on to get many certifications, in EFT, The Emotion Code/Body Code, Demartini Method, Meditation and more. One of my greatest learnings and awarenesses has been that within every challenge is opportunity, and within every crisis there's hidden blessings. I stopped thinking life was happening to me, that anxiety was the enemy, when in fact life was constantly happening for me. The pain and resistance to the direction it was going in was causing the suffering. Today, I've coached and continue to help thousands of people all over the world heal what they have, get the wisdom from their stuckness, so they can create what they want, resulting in living a more aligned life that they truly love. I've created an amazing process called CLEAR, that helps people learn how to clear their energy, get unstuck, and get the wisdom their pain has come to deliver. 

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My mission is to share simple tools and processes that help you heal, get unstuck, so you can create a life that is better than you can imagine. 


When I hear someone say that in a hard moment they remembered something I've taught them, and they were able to shift their energy and see the blessing in the moment, is one of the greatest gifts I can ask for. 

Thank you for being here, for reading this, and for allowing me into your life. It’s truly remarkable.

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