Together, let's write you a new story...

If you want to have something different, you have to try something different. It’s time to reprogram those old energetic chapters in your life and manifest something new and fulfilling, even if you don’t believe it’s possible.  Trust me! It is!

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Let's change the way you manifest abundance.

How Jackie Can Help You:

Elevate Your Energy

Join a community dedicated to living happier, healthier lives, where you'll learn valuable tools and receive the support needed to overcome challenges, clear your energy, and develop unstoppable confidence in creating a life you love.

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"This membership has changed my life! My health is better, my relationship with my husband is stronger, and I've let go of my money worries. Thank you so much!" 

– Susie Q.

Mastery Inner-Circle 

Join a select group of growth seekers and high achievers to manifest your dreams effortlessly. Receive personalized support from Jackie and unlock your full potential with exclusive workshops and resources designed for excellence in every area of your life.

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"My business just took off after learning these tools. It was doing okay, but it doubled after joining Mastery and with way less effort."

Brenda S.

 1:1 Private 


Sometimes you need personalized attention to tackle life's toughest challenges. I reserve a handful of spots to work 1:1 with me. In this private space, we will get to the root of your problem and uncover the truth it's trying to show you. These sessions are a true game-changer!

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"I was able to get in touch with parts of myself that I haven't been able to access.. ever"


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➝ Mastery Inner-Circle and 1:1 Coaching are available by application only.
➝ The fee for 1:1 Coaching is $250 per hour, and for Mastery Inner-Circle, it's $500 per month.
➝ Prior experience with energy work or coaching is required for all applicants.