Elevate Your Energy

Your energy creates your life! You can think all the positive thoughts you want, but if you have buried emotions or other people's energy in your space blocking you, you'll stay stuck. That, or you'll have to work really hard to not get very far. But it's not your fault! No one teaches you how to check in and clear your energy, let alone make it a priority. That's why I created Elevate Your Energy. Go from figuring out life alone, asking others what to do, to knowing how to get centered and tap into your own innate wisdom. This is where you'll develop unstoppable confidence for whatever life throws your way.

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 It's time to stop working so hard to manifest your goals and start getting the support you need to make it easy.

I’ve been through some tough interesting things in my life, from acting in LA and NYC to dealing with anxiety, divorce, financial struggles, and a few complete life transformation periods. If I can overcome them and create an amazing life, so can you.

It’s time to say goodbye to feeling stuck, overwhelmed, lost, and simply going through the motions. Now is the time to say hello to feeling clear, calm, and confident. Having the support and help you need right there to equip you to overcome any challenge life throws your way.


This community is more than just about learning new tools and processes to add to your toolbox. It's about receiving the actual support and space needed for you to be present with what is, so you can change it.

If you are struggling with manifesting better health, relationships, or business success, this group is for you. I am going to personally coach you, not only to clear your energy but also to teach you the exact process to create anything you want.

Are you ready? Let’s do this.

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Elevate your Energy is for high achievers like you.

This group is for: 

  • People who feel destined for more but need support to uncover and overcome their blocks.

  • Individuals seeking a holistic path to healing and unlocking the lessons their challenges are here to show them.
  • Anyone striving to manifest better health, loving relationships and have effortless abundance. 
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If you're tired of fighting harder, and are ready to say NO more to: 

🌿 Feeling alone, navigating through life without knowing the right direction.

😓 Feeling fatigued, overwhelmed, and triggered by outside circumstances.

❓ Asking other people what they think you should do, instead of accessing the answer within yourself.

🤐 Keeping quiet about how you truly feel because others may not understand you.

💔 Being triggered by the people around you, affecting  whether you'll have a good day.

 😰 Feeling anxious and unable to sleep at night due to stress, without knowing how to heal.

I've been there, many times. But once I learned how to shift my energy, challenges no longer drained me; they guided me to the next step. If I can awaken my self-empowerment, so can you. That's why I created Elevate Your Energy—to show you that everything you need is within you right now. This group will support you in healing what's blocking you from living the life your heart desires (not just what your head thinks you should want).

The best part? It doesn't require you to do more; in fact, it will save you time and give you back so much of your energy. Are you ready to join me?

Let's Do It

In Elevate Your Energy, You Will:

✓ Discover how to effortlessly manifest what you want without having to fight hard for it or burn yourself out to achieve it.
✓ Identify and release energetic and mindset blocks preventing you from healing, and creating the life you want.
✓ Build an energetic system within yourself that allows you to move through challenges quickly and gives you unstoppable confidence.
✓ Shift your perspective from life happening to you, to life is happening for you, gaining wisdom from stressors.
✓ Receive unwavering support from Jackie at every turn. With a dedicated coach by your side, you'll always have a safe haven during life's trials.

What's Included: 

  • 🎤  Monthly coaching calls to guide you through a process of finding and healing the blocks to manifest what you want.

  • 🎧 Hot Seat opportunities to work with Jackie one on one, assisting you in clearing your energy.

  • 📒 Weekly check-ins with emails to deepen your learning and practice of using these tools in your everyday life. 

  • 💬 Get Access & Feedback to Jackie for questions and feedback. 

  • 📝 Pocket Coaching videos with tips and tools for everyday life.

  • 🎁 Bonus - Access to Meditation Mondays Library with full access to all 52 previous sessions. 

  • 🌟 Bonus - Specialized Meditations tailored to specific topics, such as morning meditations, evening clearing meditations, anxiety, sleep, and more, for clarity and alignment anytime. 

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You’ve been working hard for long enough, and it’s exhausting. Life isn’t about working harder; it’s about being present, being a part of a community, and having the support to allow you to become the best version of yourself.

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For a one-time payment of $399

you'll receive:

 🎤  Four Audio Lessons and Two Guided Meditations that give you a step-by-step process to start manifesting money and knowing how to make it easy.

📒 A Digital Course Workbook guiding you through the course and powerful journal prompts.

🎧 Three Bonus Meditations that will activate brainwaves to help you attract money. Including a meditation to manifest money while you sleep.

💬 Get Feedback by leaving comments or questions under each lesson for personalized answers from Jackie.

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Join the waitlist

Join the waitlist to be the first to know when registration opens.