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The truth is, life can be tough.

You might appear driven and have it all together to the outside world, but deep down, you know you're stuck. You have a 'challenge' in some area of your life that robs you of the confidence you need. But here's the good news: challenges are a natural part of life. What if I told you that your so-called 'challenge' is actually an opportunity for personal healing and transformation? It's a chance to release blocked energy and move towards manifesting everything you desire.

When you tap into this innate wisdom, you give yourself permission to dream and achieve what your heart desires. You heal the part of you that's holding you back and open the door to a life and business that feels almost effortless. This is what happens when you are truly aligned with your authentic self.

This is exactly what my podcast is about: transforming your challenges and creating an extraordinary life.

Hi, I'm Jackie

My journey began in childhood when I didn't realize I was energetically sensitive. It wasn't until my early 20s, while working as an actress in LA and experiencing anxiety on sets, that I realized I needed to understand why my body was reacting this way.

This marked the start of my personal growth journey. I became passionate about holistic and energy healing, exploring modalities like EFT, Reiki, Hypnosis, NLP, and Life coaching certifications. Eventually, I began working with Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code and Body Code Systems, where I discovered my unique gift for reading people’s energy.

Working with Dr. Brad, I honed my skills, working with dozens of people daily from around the world. I developed a deep understanding of where energy is stored in the body and a keen awareness to help people identify their blocks, tap into their fears, and release trauma. When energy is released, profound wisdom emerges, unlocking untapped potential. This healing process can resolve health challenges, relationship issues, and financial blocks.

All the answers emerge, manifestation begins, and suddenly, you are achieving your dreams. This is the gift I am here to help you access.

As Seen on YouTube

Unlock your inner wisdom, heal your pain and awaken to your infinite potential! On my channel, I reveal powerful healing techniques and mindset strategies that helped hundreds of my students get unstuck, shift their energy, overcome challenges quickly, all while gaining confidence and feeling inspired about life!

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