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A Transformative 6-Module Journey for Holistic Entrepreneurs Ready to Radiate Health, Love, and Business Success.

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Break Free from Stagnation with CLEAR

Discover the secret to overcoming life's toughest challenges. When conventional solutions fall short, it's time to look within. CLEAR is your guide to transforming obstacles into stepping stones for growth.

Are you tired of feeling stuck, defenseless, and overwhelmed? Your current challenges hold the key

to unlocking your next level of personal and professional success. Join me on a transformative journey where we rebuild and equip you with the tools to navigate any obstacle. CLEAR empowers you to embrace challenges, learn, and grow holistically. It's time to transcend limitations  become the best version of yourself.

By the end of CLEAR, you will:

✓ Overflow with Confidence 

Know exactly what keeps you stuck and what to do the moment you feel stressed or overwhelmed so you can get back into your creative flow.

✓ Master Your Energy 

Know what to do to clear your energy, regain your calm center, have clarity, and develop a love for yourself you didn't even know was possible. 

✓ Clear Away Your Trauma 

Know how to heal your body energetically and clear trauma, because your mind can get over something, but if your body holds the energy of it you'll stay stuck.

✓ Manifest Like a Pro 

Uncover the secret to manifesting more money and more clients. Hint: This isn't about working harder or doing more, that actually stops it.

You're probably wondering if this course is right for you, so let's find out. This course is perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners who  want to get to their next level but don't know why they're stuck.

  • Coaches or professionals with who want to enjoy what they do, grow their business without feeling burnt out.

  • Individuals who want a holistic way to heal and overcome their challenges. So they can make space for what's next.


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What's Included: 

  • 🎤  Six Modules and Thirty lessons and Five Meditations for a step-by-step transformative process.

  • 🎧 Two Bonus Exercises to uncover your deep why that motivates you anytime you feel stagnant and to help you create a vision for your life. 

  • 📒 A Digital Course Workbook to follow along with the course including powerful journal prompts.

  • 💬 Get Feedback by leaving comments or questions under each lesson for personalized support and answers from Jackie.

  • 📝 Downloadable Sheets to remind you of the tools and steps to follow when wanting to use the step by step process in your day to day life.
  • ⏰ Life-time Access get unlimited life-time access to course content.

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you'll receive:

 🎤  Four Audio Lessons and Two Guided Meditations that give you a step-by-step process to start manifesting money and knowing how to make it easy.

📒 A Digital Course Workbook guiding you through the course and powerful journal prompts.

🎧 Three Bonus Meditations that will activate brainwaves to help you attract money. Including a meditation to manifest money while you sleep.

💬 Get Feedback by leaving comments or questions under each lesson for personalized answers from Jackie.

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"It gives you a sense of mastery, internally, both emotionally & spiritually, to know how to navigate your life." - Jackie Glaser

"CLEAR gave me the clarity I needed, and these techniques are unlike anything I've experienced before." - Tammie Lowes

What you'll learn in CLEAR:

Module 1:
Seeing the Vision

Clear your energy, access your true self, and stay grounded. Learn tools to quiet the mind, connect with your innate wisdom, and attract abundance. Become magnetic to your desires and understand the energy field shaping your life. Preserve your energy and feel empowered.

"This work is transformational. The tools, skills and awareness of energy and power of our mind has been life changing. - Rosa M.

Module 2:
Letting Go Of What No Longer Serves You

Uncover and heal stuck energy in your body, releasing pain and decoding health challenges. Break free from old traumas, de-energize memories, and create space for what you truly want. Experience the transformative power of surrender, shifting from resistance to flow and letting life happen for you.

"I feel so light, I am so decisive these days and have done things that I could not push myself to do for a year!!"  - Natasha S.

Module 3:
The Gift of Discomfort

Learn the reasons behind anxiety, how to protect your energy, and focus on what YOU want. Master processing experiences, separate from external influences, and shift to receiving for a profound difference.

"Thanks to CLEAR, I've found internal tools to conquer triggers in my personal & business pursuits, leading to more self-compassion and increased confidence moving forward." - Greer C. 

Module 4:
Learning to Be Kinder to Yourself

Forgive your past, access key lessons for creating abundance, and grant yourself permission to have everything you want, overcoming any fears that may block your path to abundance.

"Meditating with Jackie has been profound. She provides tools for significant life changes. I'm now clearer, lighter, freer, and full of energy. Thank you!" - Michelle E.

Module 5:
Opening to Abundance

Unlock money magic by shifting from need to allowance. Learn to overcome blocks, clear barriers, and align with the life meant for you.

"This past month, I have received more referrals than I ever have in one month, and past clients just keep wanting in! It's pretty cool." - Brenda F.

Module 6:
Whole-Hearted Health

Includes four transformative meditations: Clear Your Energy, Set Up Your Day for Success, Prepare Your Energy for Client Work (without taking on their stuff), and Deep Chakra Healing. Elevate your energy work with essential body practices for maximum effectiveness.


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If you're ready to manifest the health, love and business success you know you deserve


Your time is precious, and there's no better gift to give yourself than great health, fulfilling relationships, and living your purpose successfully.

CLEAR can help you do just that!

Hundreds of students have gone through this course and say it was the best investment in themselves they ever made. It can take you from where you are now to where you want to be in under 6 weeks when applying these tools.

When you make ‘you’ a priority, everything changes. The way you show up for your kids, your family, and most importantly for yourself. You deserve to live a good, enriched life, one you love, and I am honored to help you get there. Hope to see you on the inside 💗

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