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In CLEAR you will learn how to clear your energy, get unstuck, heal your body and relationships, making space to call in the abundance and success you desire. The BEST part is what you will learn in this course will change your life and give you a process you can use to overcome any challenge for a life-time. 
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Jackie Senatore

Energy Coach

Jackie Senatore energetically teaches individuals how to clear their energy so they can heal, get unstuck and create a life they truly love.

Since the early 2000's Jackie has assisted clients in clearing their energy, healing their body and learning the energetic ways of creating an abundant life.  Assisting clients to break through the emotional, physical, and spiritual barriers that keep them from achieving their highest potential. Taking them from feeling stuck in their life, to living a healthier, more empowered life; A life of purpose, fulfillment and most of all presence.

In 2021, Jackie created CLEAR, a 6 week process to teach individuals how to clear their own energy, heal the past events in their life, and create the space to invite what they truly want into their life.

CLEAR will give you the tools to heal and create a life that is better than you can imagine! 

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