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#021 - Discover Your Sexual Blueprint with Ian Ferguson

#021 - Discover Your Sexual Blueprint with Ian Ferguson

Sexual fulfillment is part of living an extraordinary life.  Something that most of us crave and desire, which is to be truly seen and deeply fulfilled. 

Join me on this amazing episode with Ian Ferguson - Master Trainer of the Erotic Blueprint™ Methodology and co-founder of Jaiya, Inc. a company dedicated to radically transforming how society discusses and experiences sex. He is an international speaker who has appeared on top podcasts for Tony Robbins and media such as Good Morning America, VH1, Anderson Live and has been profiled in Details magazine. His mission, along with over 100 Certified Erotic Blueprint Coaches™, is to release shame around sex, helping people empower themselves to reclaim the pleasure and true erotic expression that is their birthright.

Learn and discover what the 5 Erotic Blueprints are, AND what one you feel you most relate to. Which one is your partner, and how to feed your partner's blueprint.

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Please Enjoy & Fill Your Life With Pleasure 💕

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