Making More Money Is Easy When Doing This

The main reason people aren't attracting and allowing money to flow to them is because there's a part of them… that is not allowing themselves to receive, most likely because of fear. 

Instead of being with that fear and asking the questions that bring awareness to what it is specifically, they’re spending time judging themselves for where they are. Judgment causes stop energy. When we judge where we are, and make it wrong, it shuts down the energy of abundance. It creates a misalignment with receiving. 

You can attract money when you are in a higher vibration. Being in acceptance of where we are and not making it wrong, brings in more light. It gets the energy of abundance flowing again. 

Then we move into gratitude, and acceptance that where we are right now isn’t wrong; it’s actually perfect for what it’s meant to teach us. Being grateful puts us in flow; we can’t be both in gratitude and in fear at the same moment. We get to choose, and it’s a conscious choice. 

If we decide to practice this, that’s when things change. Forgiving ourselves for when we lose that connection and flow and fall into fear or judgment of where we are. Instead of shaming or punishing ourselves, it’s just noticing it and then choosing to get back into alignment and gratitude so the abundance that you really crave can come into your life.

The truth is you don’t need more money; you’d like more money, but you are okay right now. 

Receive that… if only for the purpose that it helps to shift things. Then once you see the change starting to happen, you’ll gain more confidence to trust it more.  

Forgive yourself when you become afraid, feel the fear, don’t make it wrong, and then get into practice of learning how to clear your energy and reground yourself.  

You are a magnet for your current vibrational state. Right now, you are creating your future. Are you creating more fear, or are you creating more trust and abundance?  

Fear blocks money. Gratitude attracts money. 

When we become fearful, we become ungrounded, we become disconnected from ourselves, source energy. We disconnect from our body. 

We may even start to take misaligned action, feeling confusion, asking other people outside of ourselves what to do, getting their information instead of connecting to our own highest knowing of what's best for us.

And there's no judgment for not being in flow. We all get afraid at times. Do we pause when we’re in that vibration, check in and process the fear so we can get the wisdom from it? And from there, allow that clarity and new insights to arrive.

Trust in something greater than yourself that everything in life is really working out perfectly. And if we just let go and surrender to the higher order of things, we instantly get back into alignment. From this light and awareness, things just unfold with ease and money flows easily. 

I do this every week with people in Meditation Mondays and CLEAR

We find the blocks that are in the way of us receiving, being connected, and allowing the universe to give and support us in the process. It's a simple shift but one that takes presence and desire to pause and check in with ourselves.

If there's one thing to remember today it’s that money loves energy. And when you're in a good heart centered space and an energetic alignment, things flow to you easily. Things unfold easily. And life really does become better than you can imagine. 

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