The Secret to Manifesting a Relationship You Love

I often hear from clients that they want love but it's just not happening. They think they're too picky, or broken, or that maybe having a relationship is just not meant for them. Well, I’m here to tell you none of those reasons the mind is feeding you are true. The reason we are blocked from manifesting anything is because somewhere in our body we’re too afraid to have it. We’re too afraid to let it in. 

Now hear me out, because I know what it feels like to want something so bad, and then hear there’s a part of you that is afraid to have it. But every time I work on myself or clients, it almost always turns out to be true, that fear is present and there is a belief and an energy that was stored in the past that is blocking it.  

If in the past a relationship didn’t work out, or maybe someone else’s relationship around you didn’t work out or ended badly, like your parent’s relationship, and you saw or felt all the pain of it. You may have thought to yourself I’m never allowing that to happen again, I’m done with relationships, people are liars or not trustworthy… It could be storing a belief that relationships don’t last so what’s the point, so you tell yourself you’re going to focus on yourself instead…. 

Sometimes what could be worse is that you’ve actually stored someone else’s energy and information about a relationship. Maybe you reached out to a friend or family member about your relationship and they gave you ‘advice’.. ie. Their belief systems are based on their past wounds… You then stored their energy and beliefs and took them on as your own.  

Wherever it came from, it became a block, and you can heal and clear it if you want to. 

You see if we want a relationship, we want to find the part of us that’s too afraid for it to come in and use the CLEAR process to clear it. We do this every week in Meditation Mondays and CLEAR. We start by clearing our energy space, getting grounded in our own connection, and then with your eyes closed scan your body. We look for where it feels tight, dark, sad, when feeling into what we want not being here. 

We use certain phrases and processes to activate and show us where these hidden blocks are stored. Once we find the spot which happens within minutes, then we use the CLEAR process awareness – acceptance – permission to clear it. By allowing it to be there and feel the feelings that at one time in our lives we were too afraid to feel… so instead at the time we talked about it with others, or ignored it, numbed it and eventually forgot about it…  

Well now’s the time, if you really want to make a change, to feel it. If what you want (a relationship) is more important to you than the fear of feeling the fear, you’ll transform through it and achieve the result. You have to want what you want, more than fearing the fear, AND the BEST part, is it’s SO much easier than we think it’s going to be. 

This is the first and most important step when manifesting a relationship before anything else…. 

Next, once you’ve let go of your past, and get back into the present moment, you can move into calling in what you want… You can feel it as if it’s already here. You don’t want a relationship because of the thing, you want it because of how you think it’s going to make you feel.  

You want to give and receive love, you might want to laugh, share joy, share life experiences with someone, be seen, evolve as a person. Relationships are the highest and fastest way to grow… Intimacy means Into-me-you-see… You get to learn things about yourself through loving this other person. Maybe you want to create a family, and or explore the world with this person. Whatever your reason is, you can 100% have it and we can help you get there. 

I’ve worked with many people, and I will tell you this, sometimes within the same day we work their relationship block, they meet their person! Literally it’s like unkinking a hose. I’ll never forget when my client Rebecca was on a CLEAR call, in pain over a breakup she was judging herself for not being able to get over… she left the call feeling lighter and better.  

That evening she messaged me and said she just met a wonderful guy at a dancehall she was at. He asked her out and they set up a date for later that week. Fast forward 3 months, she said they were moving in together and she was so happy… her words were “I’ve never been loved like this before” She said she understands now why it didn’t work out with her previous relationship.

It can happen that fast… clear the energy that is blocking what you want from coming in, as soon as you do, it shows up like magic. 

Come join our Meditation Monday’s membership, here’s a free 7-day gift for you to see what it’s all about. Join me LIVE every week, or if you want to go all in and have a similar experience to Rebecca check out CLEAR. A six-week program that will help you clear your energy and let go of what no longer serves you. It’ll help you get crystal clear on what you want and teach you how to give yourself the permission to have it.  

It's possible for you. I look forward to celebrating with you soon,




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