What Your Symptoms Are Really Showing You

We're taught that symptoms are bad and to get rid of them as soon as possible. What if they were trying to show you... 

Have you ever had a symptom, whether it be a headache, knee pain, shoulder tension that you sought out a remedy to make it go away? If you’re like most people, you want to move away from discomfort and pain. You probably weren’t taught to look at what the pain or challenge has come to show you, you just wanted it to go away so you could get back to your ‘normal’ life. But what if your pain, challenge, job loss, relationship turbulence were all here to help guide you to everything you want? Help you evolve into the next level version of yourself.

I know it might seem mind blowing or even infuriating at times to hear your pain is guiding you… but that’s the point. It’s stirring up the emotion, the anger that’s going to become the fuel for change. Challenges (symptoms) are supposed to interrupt your life and make you have to stop and pay attention to it. If it just went away, it wouldn’t have done the job it came to do. How else is your higher self, soul supposed to get your attention? How is it supposed to tell you STOP, you’re going the wrong way… danger!!! It creates things to stop you, in hopes that you’ll listen. 

Well, that’s exactly what I’ve helped people do for more than a decade. Get the answer to what their pain, anxiety, or business stuckness is trying to show them. 

I have hundreds of stories of clients that once they got the message, the illness or problem went away, almost like magic. The alarm shut off and just like that they evolved to their next level of awareness.  

I’ll give you an example – A woman came to me overweight; she was the only one of her four sisters that was overweight and despite everything she was doing to lose it, she just couldn’t. Within just a few sessions the answer surfaced. Her sisters, when they were younger, were abused by their father, and she was the only one spared of it. She felt tremendous guilt and shame about it that she packed on weight. (Oftentimes weight is something we’re holding onto and not able to let go of) 

Once we cleared the shame and guilt energy, she felt lighter, her perspective shifted, and she saw the truth. Once we see the other side, we’ve been blinded to, that’s where the healing comes in. She left that day, and I didn’t see her until six months later, when she walked in my office 60 pounds lighter. Yes, she lost 60 pounds! I didn’t recognize her at first, and the best part is she didn’t do some massive diet change or something to create that.  It was just the heaviness of the shame she had been carrying all these years.  

Your body is beyond smart. Your body won’t betray you, it’s created everything you’re going through as a protection, as a signal to get your attention. Sometimes it will send a slight message, and then get louder in its alerts if you ignore and don’t listen. 

I walk people through the simple CLEAR process every week in Meditation Mondays or my premier programs to see what is in their space. Within weeks, they go through a total life transformation… their health changes, their relationships improve, and because of that, their businesses take off. Often leaving people in awe of how it is possible without ‘doing’ more. 

Everything is energy, and when you shift your energy, you let go of the heaviness, you create SO much more room and space for things to come to you. And the more you are energetically aligned with your light, the higher vibration things match you and come to you. It feels like magic, but it’s a simple repeatable process that hundreds of people are experiencing each week. 

If you’d like to experience it for yourself, come join me inside Meditation Mondays for a free 7 day trial to experience it for yourself. If you are wanting to jump in and really create change in your health, relationship, or business I run a 6-week program called CLEAR. One that will cause you to write to me in just a few weeks talking about all the magic that’s occurring in your life. 

I hope this message today has helped open your awareness to how your symptoms are actually guiding you. So, the next time you get upset, frustrated, at something in your life, pause, and ask what is this wanting to show me? What does this want me to know? 

So much love and blessings to you on your journey. I hope to see you inside one of our amazing programs. 






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